Here you can find business partners, investors, trainers, and more. We connect African Enterprises to Asian opportunities

Here you can find business partners, investors, trainers, and more

We connect African companies to Asian opportunities

Mr.Cebastien Tankoano & Mr.Kofi Annan

Mr.Cebastien Tankoano (right), Founder of Reliconn, met with Mr.Kofi Annan during the China’s SMEs Global Development Forum in Ningbo, China

Reliconn [legally known as Reliconn (Shanghai) Ltd] aims at helping Africa build a solid private sector. Like any other region, Africa needs a solid private sector to create jobs and sustain economic development. Unfortunately, the private sector in Africa lacks the resources and technology to play this role for Africa’s economy. It is with the aim of overcoming these lacks while enhancing their profitability, that Reliconn has created a platform for African private sector to trade, partner, and learn from their Asian counterparts to become the engine of Africa’s economy. Through this platform, African private sector can benefit from technology transfer, establish long term trade and business relationships with their Asian counterparts, and learn from the experiences of Asian companies. The platform also helps African companies find investment to finance their projects and growth.

To help Africa grow a solid private sector like other emerging economies.

To be a beneficial platform for African and Asian Enterprises.

Trust: we are committed at building a platform African and Asian Enterprises trust.

Hard-work and perseverance: we believe in hard-work and perseverance to help Enterprises reach their goals.

Innovation and dynamism: To build a company that will continue serving Enterprises, we believe in being innovative, creative, and dynamic.

Discipline and coordination: We are committed at acting based on an accepted and respected code of conduct and in a organized way.

Social responsibility: We are a organization that acts based on the interests of the entire community we operate in, not based solely on the interests of our shareholders.


Mr. Essohouna Meba

After leading a team of 25 companies from Togo to attend the China-Africa SMEs Convention 2016, I can only say that the Reliconn platform is what all African companies have been waiting for.

- Mr. Essohouna Meba, President of Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr.Wang Yong

We support this initiative that will help in the transfer of technology and investments from China to Africa mainly in the private sector.

- Mr.Wang Yong, Vice-Executive Director of China-Africa Development Fund

Ms. Oluranti Doherty

Thanks to this bridge, African SMEs will trade and partner with their Asian counterparts conveniently and reliably. This is something to support.

- Ms. Oluranti Doherty, Trade Finance Manager of The African Export-Import Bank


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