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Mr.Cebastien Tankoano (right), Founder
of Reliconn, met with Mr.Kofi Annan
during the China’s SMEs Global
Development Forum in Ningbo, China

Reliconn aims at helping Africa grow a solid SMEs sector. Like any other region, Africa needs a solid SMEs sector to create jobs and sustain economic growth. Unfortunately, the SMEs sector in Africa lacks the tools and technology to play this role for Africa’s economy. That’s why we’ve created a platform for African SMEs to trade, partner, and learn from their Asian counterparts to become the engine of Africa’s economy. Through this platform, African SMEs can benefit from technology transfer, establish long term trade and business relationships with their Asian counterparts, and learn from the experiences of Asian SMEs. The platform also helps African SMEs find investment to finance their projects and growth read more…

How Reliconn works?

We organize business matchmaking conventions for potential partners to meet face-to-face and establish long term business relationships. The conventions include one-on-one meetings, sharing of experience sessions through company visits, training and learning sessions, and investments talks and conferences.  We will also integrate an online matchmaking platform (Distance partnerships) to the current website starting from the midst of February 2017, to help African SMEs find business partners and investors in Asia on a daily basis!