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The one-on-one meetings will be like in the image below and are scheduled to be held in the afternoon of the second and the fourth day of the event:

 picture2During the one-on-one meetings, you can meet with buyers, suppliers, investors, distributors and other long term partners.  The one-on-one meetings will last for 12 hours during the second and fourth days of the event. 


Welcome remarks will be held during the first day of the event. During the welcome remarks, government leaders from China and Africa will join us to encourage the SMEs in their efforts to partner. 


Training sessions and presentations from leading financial organizations will be held in the morning of the second day and fourth day of the event. The third day of the event will be marked by company visits, sharing of experience. During that day, African SMEs will visit the physical operations of Chinese companies and have conversations and discussions with these Chinese companies’ leaders to have a better understanding of how their companies operate. The aim of the company visits is to help African SMEs get inspired and learn from the experience of Chinese SMEs. A similar company’s visit image is on the left-hand side.


Note: If you have any recommendations on how to improve this event, please send us an email at Thank you!