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Due to a delay in the visa issuance for most African participants, the event below is postponed to May 5th-8th, 2017

After successfully organizing The First China-Africa SMEs Convention in Shanghai in June, 2016, that gathered about 500 Chinese and African Companies, we are holding the 2nd Convention in April, 2017 again with the purpose of helping Africa build a solid SMEs sector. Like the first convention, this second convention will help African SMEs trade and partner with Chinese SMEs, learn from the experience of Chinese SMEs and find opportunities for investment from African and Chinese investors. The second Convention will be held from April 10th -13th , 2017 in Shanghai, China.


Video from The First China-Africa SMEs Convention Shanghai 2016 is below: ( The video is in French, the English version is coming soon. Please use a VPN to watch the video if you are located in China).




















During the event, African and Chinese SMEs will meet face-to-face to establish long term trade and business relationships which will lead to technology transfer. African SMEs will also learn from the experience of Chinese SMEs through company visits and sharing of experience. 

There will also be training sessions from remarkable business leaders for African SMEs to learn about the available Chinese manufacturing technologies and about how China grew economically. Finally, during the Convention, investors from China and Africa will meet with African SMEs individually to talk about the possibilities for investment and how to grab them.


*SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).


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